Our mission is:

  • Provide football players ageS 18 AND OLDER the opportunity to play real tackle football in a competitive, safe, and fun environment.

  • Develop a culture similar to those THAT players may have experienced at the youth and high school level, where being part of a team and having a close relationship with other players is of great value to all.

  • To provide our players with an experience consistent with a high quality, player focused league having uniforms, referees, a good, safe playing surface, and a well organized OPERATION.

What we are NOT:

Thug behavior is the enemy of the sport of football at all levels, and the EBWFL is absolutely not a THUG league and as such do not tolerate any behavior that detracts from the game of football or any behaviors that glorify any kind of thug behavior or intimidation of other players within this league.  Those that wish to fight or threaten to carry out violent acts against other players in this league will be asked to leave without a refund.  The following behaviors will result in IMMEDIATtE and PERMANENT expulsion and disqualification from the EBWFL:

  • Trash talking during a game above anything that may be considered friendly competition or humorous in nature.
  • Discussing the behavior of another player after the completion of a play, or after a game has been completed to the extent that the other party may feel physically or mentally uncomfortable, or pushed to retaliation.
  • Threats of violence of any kind, including but not limited to those crimes that may be committed with firearms or weapons.  
  • Disparaging or threatening remarks against or about another players family.
  • Overly physical or retaliatory contact.
  • ​Contact intended to result in injury. 



Our mission - who we are